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Two New Years Resolutions For Someone Trying To Save

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Two New Years Resolutions For Someone Trying To Save

It’s Thursday, you got 10 bucks and it is ok because you get paid tomorrow. Ahhh, This lifestyle is very familiar to me considering my early 20’s was pretty much figure out a way to spend every dollar I had before I got paid.

I could think of more if I spent more time, but this is the two easiest ones I got for you.

  • Eating Out – With the ability to pull up another screen and order food, it is common that people order food multiple times a week. Three meals a day; cooking, cleaning, packing, and heating up the food might be tedious.

Ordering food four times a week – $13.00 x 4 = $52.00 x 52 = $2,704.00 per year

Ordering food three times a week – $13.00 x 3 = $39.00 x 52 = $2,028.00 per year

You get the point, you can save $700 a year by simply eating one less time a week. This is an inclusive vacation to the Mountains in North Carolina.

  • Coffee – It takes three minutes or so to make a cup of coffee, yet people spend $400 a year on coffee

If you like cold brew, I recommend clicking on the video below and start making your own. When I was buying coffee it would be at least $3.00 a cup and was getting it at least 20 days a month.

note: I did not make this video so credit goes to AllRecipes

Lets say you spend 2.15 on a coffee daily. That is $10.75 a week. That is $559.00 per year.

This is $3,000 a week you either are already or not saving. Unless you are one of those people that are already ahead, this could create a trip or add to your retirement fund. Yes …. I know you know this already but it is that time of the year to get back on the horse and give it another try.

Good luck and Happy New Years!



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